Dr. Alexander J. Cohen, Advisor
Dr. Alexander J. Cohen is a senior analyst at Intellectual Ventures, where he focuses on patent and portfolio analysis and management for clients. Dr. Cohen is also chairman and co-founder of Undergroundfilm.org, an online, non-profit website dedicated to connecting independent filmmakers with their audiences via digital distribution technology. Prior to his current positions, Dr. Cohen was vice president of engineering at OpenDesign, a distributed computing platform company. He was also Chief Technology Officer of Pop.com, a joint effort of Dreamworks and Imagine Entertainment. Dr. Cohen also served as chief technology officer and co-founder of The McKinley Group, which produced The Magellan, the first rated and reviewed search engine on the Internet. In addition, Dr. Cohen teaches in the Film Studies Program at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Cohen received his Ph.D., and M.A. in Comparative Literature from SUNY at Buffalo in 1988. In 1981 he received his A.B. in Biology from Brown University.