Devendra Mishra, Advisor
Devendra Mishra is the Co-founder of MND Resources, an entertainment industry management consulting company specializing in supply chain management and business turnaround, and the professor of Decision Sciences at Pepperdine University. As a consultant, he has held executive management responsibilities at high-tech start up companies, such as Dimensional Media Associates,,, The Digital Intermediate Group and Stan Lee Media, a digital entertainment studio that developed and globally commercialized branded content through the Internet and traditional media.

Mishra was President and Chief Executive Officer of International Multifoods' billion-dollar wholly owned specialty distribution subsidiary VSA, Inc. Prior to joining Multifoods, Mishra was President of Worldwide New Media, Distribution services and New Ventures at Technicolor, Inc. Mishra strategically developed and launched Technicolor Entertainment Services to supply movie prints to theaters in the United States, which today has nearly 70% market share. He also engineered and put into production an "Optical Media Manufacturing Facility" which is today the world's largest and premiere facility, and developed Pan European Distribution of home video.

Mishra has held senior management positions at LIVE Entertainment, the largest independent, diversified supplier, wholesaler and retailer of home video and music, where he finally served as the President and COO, launched THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, and acquired VCL in Germany and the assets of Vestron Home Video. In the mid-80s, Mishra was Vice President of the $900 million worldwide manufacturing and distribution operations of RCA-Ariola Records.

He pioneered "Hits-Catalog Distribution" which created a paradigm shift and became the hallmark of supply chain management in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry recognizes Mishra as a successful builder of businesses based on technologies and information systems. He is also credited for being an innovator of sell-thru home videos in the United States in the mid-eighties.

Mishra holds a MS from Purdue University, an MBA from Butler University, and a BS and MS from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). A supply chain management columnist for the premiere entertainment industry publications Medialine and Mediaware, Mishra has published forty papers in information-driven distribution, total quality management and manufacturing.