Hemanshu Nigam, Advisor
Hemanshu Nigam is Chief Security Officer for News Corp.'s Fox Interactive Media (FIM) where he oversees all safety, education, privacy and law enforcement programs for MySpace and other Fox Interactive Media properties. Nigam joined FIM in May 2006. As a veteran in online security, Nigam brings more than 15 years of experience in both the private industry and law enforcement fields including serving as a federal prosecutor against Internet child exploitation for the U.S. Department of Justice, an advisor to a Congressional commission on online child safety, and an advisor to the White House on cyberstalking.

Previously Nigam was Director of Consumer Security Outreach & Child Safe Computing for Microsoft's Security Technology Unit where he was responsible for driving consumer security outreach and child safe computing strategies. During that time, he led a cross-company child safety initiative designed to build a holistic approach to child safe computing throughout Microsoft products, services and programs.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Nigam served as vice president of Worldwide Internet Enforcement at the Motion Picture Association of America where he spearheaded a global strategy to combat online motion picture piracy for major Hollywood studios. Nigam also served as deputy district attorney in Los Angeles County from 1990 to 1997 where he specialized in child exploitation and rape prosecutions and was a recurring lecturer at rape trauma centers. Nigam earned his law doctorate at Boston University and a bachelor's degree in political theory at Wesleyan University.